Each 22 oz and 8 oz Miracle II Soap product is $18.00, plus the costs of shipping.  The best price is when you order 12 in a case then the price is a flat $156.00 ($13.00 each, save $60) which includes shipping.  You can mix and match the products.

For example:

4       22 oz Regular Soap

4       22 oz Moisturizer Soap

2       22 oz Neutralizer Liquid

1         8 oz Neutralizer Gel

1         8 oz  Moisturizser Lotion

Total Bottles 12, Total costs $156.00

Send a Text to (409) 540-1524 OR send an

EMAIL GodsWordHealsU@aol.com

with questions or what you want to order along with your name and email.   I will send you a pay pal email at which time you can complete your order and payment.  Order will be completed same day as pay pal is payment is received. 

You can buy just one bottle or more than one case.  Shipping costs for orders not by the case will be calculated and the shipping costs plus $18.00 a bottle will be added to paypal billing email.   

The gallon size of Reg & Moisturizer Soaps and the Liguid Neutralizer are $65.00 plus $17.00 for shipping.   


The laundry ball is $55.00 and can be added to a case order. 




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