If you want to go to a natural doctor,  but your present insurance will not pay for what you want, there is hope for you to get what  you want.  YOU can know what is best for you.  

There are many people like yourself that are not satisfied with the limited market in health resources so they are joining health care cost sharing groups.  We are all sharing in for our good health and have the faith in your ability to find a doctor that will do the therapy of your choice. 

These SHARE IN GROUPS are not insurance companies and are not controlled by insurance regulations.  We are a group of like minded people who want like minded doctors.   You can contact these links to find the group that best meets your expectations.   This is not a service, it is a joint effort to share in health care costs. 


This website does not promote healing modaliies, nor makes claims for healing in compliance with the laws that protect drug companies, but does not protect people.   This is a free information source for like minded people, who want to know how to take control of their own health, choose their doctors and choose what kind of therapy they want.   You can call these groups and find which group best suits your expectations.  

I found one group for example that allows me to go to doctors outside of the United States and they will share in the costs so long as the bill is in English.  My favorite and the only hospital I would ever go to is Oasis of Hope.