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Imagine getting the cardio benefits of running 15 miles a day by laying on a mat two times a day for a mere 8 minutes each.  Greater bone mass, muscle mass and oxygenation increasing by 30% is a benefit to the well being of any human body.  Our blood carries the oxygen, the nourishment, the life giving substances to our cells giving our DNA the God connection at the DNA level.  DNA cell division is a supernatural work of GOD, not a work of the natural realm.  NOTHING that was made was made apart from God's Word and that includes cell division.  When the cells divide building materials from the natural realm are key in seeing the perfect order of every DNA to give us life via God's Spirit.  God's Spirt is the LIGHT, and God's Word in our DNA is God's Word about His creation and His Word is LIFE and that LIFE is the light of all men.  Interestingly the Human Genome Project which DOES NOT have the wisdom of God leading them or giving them UNDERSTANDING, has acknowledged "a light" that sends and receive messages between every DNA.  They have NO UNDERSTANDING what that LIGHT is about or from where it origninates so they just call it a "genie".  Not very sceintific, but that is how godless minds operate when the do not acknowledge God  or acknowledge God in what they do.  "Acknowledge God in all of your ways and HE WILL MAKE YOUR PATH STRIGHT.   I pray and always ask God, "What do you say?  God will give us understanding.  His Word says, get knowledge, get wisdom, but in your getting, get UNDERSTANDING.  That comes ONLY by the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.   Science apart from GOD is foolishness at its best. 

God is the God who heals all of our diseases.  God sent HIS WORD for our healing.  By the stripes on His Back we are healed.  NO PLACE in GOD'S Word does HE SAY your body heals itself.  We have to give HIM Thanks in everything, and I give Him thanks for my breath, my life and for healing because IN HIM, Ilive and move and have my being.   God is the only power that heals and creates new tissue, new cells and new life.  IN HIM, we live and move and have our being. 

It is foolishness gone to seed for men to think they can be like God and clone humans or animals or genetically modify God creation and imagine it is better than God's creation or good for man.  Seriously, these wanna be god scientists are destroying our foods, water, air, land, livestock and are poisoning with pharmaceuticals through injections and potions of death and calling it good.  Woe to them who call evil good. 

It is wisdom to seek wisdom from above in the care of God's Temple.  His Word says we can do NOTHING apart from HIM and that includes learning how to walk in divine health.   When I share a product I am sharing products that promote the kind of cellular environment that allows God's Living Word through our DNA to speak life and well-being to every cell.  Our body is a whole being, not a bunch of replaceable body parts.  Our DNA communicates with our DNA and the foods God created for our cells in the natural realm.  Clean, oxgenated, alkaline and toxic free cells communicate freely.  

 Blood flow can be hindered by acid foods, negative mind sets, negative speaking, and even electronic pollutions.  The BEMER promotes the God given wisdom of our Blood to flow smoothly through our body as well as promotes the lymph  carrying off the digestive waste of our cells.   God created us wonderfully and perfectly and we don't need to seek man's mind for understanding God's creation, but we need to seek WISDOM FROM GOD HIMSELF.   GOD HAS NOT WITHHELD CURES AND GOD DID NOT ORDAIN GODLESS SCIENCE TO TAKE OVER THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CARE OF HIS TEMPLE.